A mind is like a parachute,
it only works when it's open.

............................................Frank Zappa

Seems my previous post caused quite a row amongst the regulars at my sister-in-law's cafe, Clydean's Bread & Breakfast. Which happens to be the only cafe in town, meaning anybody who gets that bunch's shorts in a twist better lay low indefinitely.

Or promise to keep her mouth shut about anything that might cause Clydean's customers to discuss anything more serious than:

"Radio said the price of corn is up."


"Goin' fishin' tomorrow?"


Keep my mouth shut and my opinions to myself?
Might as well make me promise to quit breathing.

But I did...until yesterday...Memorial Day.

The day America honors those who made the ultimate sacrifice
so the rest of us can enjoy the freedom to say anything we want.

You see, before I left for the cemetery to put flowers on my dear Roy's grave, I'd opened an email from Gladys in Warrensburg MO which had this:

All during the Memorial Day service at the Civil War monument, I couldn't get that phrase out of my mind: "Teabagging 4 Jesus."

Say what???????

If one ever needed proof that Tea Baggers and Reality have never met: Here's your sign (to quote comedian Bill Engvall).

What on earth does Jesus have to do with tea bagging?

Is this woman's church short of the main beverage for the next Ladies Tea?

Is she fishing for donations of tea bags for the homeless? (Tea, after all, worked for missionaries trying to convert heathens to Christianity in far off lands. Might work on the home front too.)

Or maybe...just maybe...the woman is simply one of those misguided souls who can't express a thought without tacking "Jesus" onto it like a Heavenly Seal of Approval: "Hi, I'm Jesus and I approved this message."

Ya think?
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More silly photos of Tea Baggers

Till next time,
Ima@Wick's End